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Car Seats
We pride ourselves on our bright and bold car seat collections so every family can #ColourTheJourney. We caught up with Lisa, our Product Developer and Amy, our Soft Goods Designer to tell us why Colour is so important for Diono.

If you know Diono you’ll know we design our car seats in bright, bold and timeless collection for every style and taste. But just why is it that we invest so much time into creating these imaginative car seats. Introducing Lisa, our Product Developer and Amy, our Soft Goods Designer.

Q: We’ve been designing car seats in many different colour variations since we started, but can you tell us why colour is so important to Diono?

Lisa: Colour not only enhances the appearance of our collections, but children respond positively to primary colour. At Diono, we offer a rainbow of colour to choose from.

Amy: Diono loves colour; it inspires, comforts and protects. We have spent years crafting a winning colour formula that our customers love just as much as we do.

Q: We’re known for being inspired by adventure and imagination, but what else is the inspiration behind our current colour collection?

Lisa: At Diono, it is all about the #Joyofthejourney...and our inspiration is cheerful, happy and bright.

Amy: Our customers are our inspiration. Balancing practicality for parents with popularity for children is our key colour motivation. From discrete grey to exuberant yellow, we offer choice for everyone and every lifestyle.

Q: Which was the most difficult colour combination to get together?

Lisa: As a developer, I think the yellow hues can be a bit tricky to get just right. You want them warm and happy and just enough bright.

Amy: Surprisingly, whilst grey complements and gives centre stage to all our bright, vibrant colours, it is definitely the most difficult and time-consuming colour to get just right. The red, green and blue hues within it have to be very carefully balanced to get that perfect grey that you see on our car seats. Once you get the grey right, the colour combinations are endless.

Q: That’s so interesting! We’d have never guessed grey to take so much work. It’s certainly worth it though. Without giving too much away, can we expect even more colours to be added to our line-up?

Lisa: At Diono, we pride our self on our signature rainbow of colours. We will continue to expand on those hues of colour for future collections.

Amy: Diono has a very strong colour portfolio but, as in life, there is always room for more colour. I am continually researching lifestyle trends, and always have my eyes open for an eye-catching new colourway, so watch this space….

Q: Oh you guys, that has definitely caught our attention! Sounds like the future is definitely bright for our car seats… This one will be fun… If you had to describe your personality in a color what would it be and why?

Lisa: Green. Forest Green to be exact. I love nature and gardening. I am earthy and grounded.

Amy: I’m going to break the rules and say ‘multi-colour’. With 3 young children and a full-time career as a designer and developer, my life is full, multi-faceted and very colourful. I am an excellent multi-tasker and my children have taught me to approach life creatively, undefined by rules.

Well, we are #MadeofSeattle and that is definitely known for it’s forest green surroundings! Amy, we love that answer, give our thanks to your trio for their help in bringing Diono Colour to life.

Let’s talk science now… Is there any psychology behind why we make car seats in such vibrant, imaginative colours?

Lisa: YES! We recognise children love colour and respond positively to it. Giving both the parent and child options to express their inner personality and love for colour is what we are all about!

Amy: We all respond emotionally to colour. Through our colourful product, Diono makes an emotional connection with our customers, to inspire, comfort and protect them.

Q: Wow! That’s so true guys, we definitely respond to certain colours differently, it makes total sense to incorporate that into design. You guys have seen many coloured car seats across the years, which is your favourite car seat colour combination (past or present)?

Lisa: I am in love with our Blue QXT. It is the perfect shades of blue for any child. We accent with soft mid-grey to compliment.

Amy: I am really proud of our colour combination work on the Radian Q collection. Juxtaposing different fabric colours and textures to highlight the multiple product features was a challenge and a joy. With 3 children, my favourite has to be a 3-across combo of Red Cherry, Blue Sky and Purple Plum.  

Q: We really did create something unique with Q Series, didn’t we! As parents we know that sometimes, kiddos just do not want to use a car seat! Do you think that by using colour we make it easier for children to enjoy travelling in a car seat for longer?

Lisa: Absolutely! I look at our Car Seats in particular. Just like getting up for the day and expressing ourselves with what we choose to wear. The Car seat is an expression of their personality too.
Amy: Yes – definitely. For a child, a favourite colour provides feelings of comfort and protection, and ultimately, Joy of the Journey.