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Diono 5 point C-H-E-C-K – What’s it all about?

Diono 5 point C-H-E-C-K – What’s it all about?

At diono we pride ourselves on delivering the safest possible solutions to traveling with children. Our in-house safety experts have put together a super simple 5 point C-H-E-C-K for you to complete before every journey.

These recommended steps will make sure passengers of all ages are safe and secure and give you absolute peace of mind that they are completely protected. Once completed, tag us with #dionoCHECK to let us know. If we see that you’ve got all 5 points correct, you could feature on our social media channels!

Let’s get started!

C = Chest Clips

The position of the chest clip must be at your child’s armpit level and must not interfere with the placement of chest pads on the car seat. The harness straps should be routed correctly through the chest clip. It is also recommended for your child to not wear bulky or padded coats/jackets, as these create a gap between the harness and your child.

H = Headrest

This should be adjusted as your child grows, and generally should sit just above where the harness is coming out the seat. Your child’s head should never be above the headrest. In general, your child’s head should fit within the head support.

E = Extended rear-facing

We recommend your child travels in a rear-facing position until they are at the maximum weight or height applicable for their car seat, this information will be within your manual. Our 2020 range is now suitable to carry passengers up to 50 lbs in a rear-facing position, providing optimum safety for even longer.

C = Click!

There are a few places where you’ll hear a “click” with your car seat; chest clip, buckle, and installation method (seat belt or lower anchor connection). Although you may be certain you heard it, always check back before setting off to ensure that each attachment clicked securely into place.

K = Keep checking back!

As your child grows their car seat will need adjusting to continue supporting them properly. Plus, it’s more than likely that with use you will find that the chest clip has been moved or the shoulder pads need straightening up and the harness straps may need a little snugging up. Be sure the seat is still properly secured, as well. We recommend a quick C-H-E-C-K before every adventure.

Remember to share your photos when you’ve completed your C-H-E-C-K!

We hope to create a community where you can visit any time to view recommendations of proper car seat installation. Our team will verify all of those that are successful, providing a trustworthy source of information. Don’t forget to tag us with #dionoCHECK