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Diono Launches New Loyalty and Rewards Program

Diono Launches New Loyalty and Rewards Program

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We're giving back to our loyal Diono Family with VIP Rewards; an all-new way to shop, earn & spend!

Diono VIP Rewards is a free and easy way to earn points at Points will then turn into perks such as exclusive coupons to redeem at checkout, freebies, and birthday bonuses. Available exclusively at our store, it’s our way of saying thanks, to you, our Diono Family.

“How does it work?” We’re glad you asked! Let’s break it down.

To access VIP Rewards all you need to do is create a free account at You can do that here. If you already have an account, there’s no need for another one – you can access your Rewards by logging into the account you already have!

Once your account is activated, it’s time to earn points! There’s a bunch of different ways to earn, from reading our blogs to following us on social media. Each action will award you points. You even earn one point for every $1 you spend at our store. You can save your points to earn higher-value coupons or redeem them instantly for freebies.

“How do I earn points?” We’ve created ten super simple ways to earn points, called Rewards Campaigns.

Some of our Rewards Campaigns are limited to single use only, such as following our Instagram page. That’s to ensure that points are being awarded accurately. You can access all of the Rewards Campaigns via our VIP Rewards dashboard. There’s a link at the bottom of this blog, which will take you there. Once you’ve completed the campaign, your points will be credited to your account within a day.

Top points earners can access one of three VIP Tiers: Original, Next Generation, or Legacy. You must accumulate at least 500 points to access our first tier. Each tier unlocks bigger perks like special discounts, offers, exclusive access, and more points per $1 spent.

Don’t forget, you must be logged into your VIP Account to earn points!

“How do I spend my points” Points are redeemable at checkout. More points = more savings!

You can also redeem your points as a free item at checkout. You must be logged in to your VIP Account to view or use your available points at checkout. If you have enough points to redeem a coupon, you’ll see a menu appear asking you if you’d like to apply it. Coupons are not automatically applied to your cart, just in case you change your mind and want to save your points.

“I love Diono, can I refer a friend to VIP Rewards?” You sure can! We’ve created a way for you and your friend to earn points.

With VIP Rewards, you can earn $20 (400 points) for every friend you refer when they shop at Diono. To welcome them to the family, we’ll also give your friend $20 off their first purchase.

To access VIP Rewards, create an account, or start earning points head to the VIP Dashboard here.