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Get a Safely Installed Car Seat with this CPST 5-Point Check

Get a Safely Installed Car Seat with this CPST 5-Point Check

Car Seats
Okay, you’ve read your vehicle and car seat manuals and you’re pretty sure that your car seat is installed correctly, but you want to be extra sure before you hit the road. Good news, there’s a CPST Approved Checklist for that!

Hey Scott! Thanks for stepping in to share this information for caregivers to give them the confidence that their VIP is safe. Take it away! Is 5-steps really all it takes to check for a properly installed car seat?

“Sure is. As long as you’ve followed the instruction manual for your car seat and checked the information provided in your vehicle manual, this 5-point checklist is everything you need to ensure your child is properly protected. Remember, you’ll want to do this test every single time you travel with your kids.”

  1. First, check for a properly secured installation only at the belt path being used. Do this by giving it a firm handshake and if it moves less than one inch side to side or front to back, it’s a securely installed convertible car seat.
  2. Next, because kids are always growing, check that the harness straps are in the proper position. For a forward-facing child, harness straps should be above their shoulders. Rear-facing children should have their harness straps at or below their shoulders.
  3. Do the Pinch Test to check if the harness strap is secure. If you can pinch the webbing between your fingers at your child’s collarbone, tighten the harness until you can’t pinch the webbing.
  4. Position the chest clip at arm pit level. Not at their belly button or tucked under their chin, secure the chest clip at arm pit level.
  5. If your Diono® seat has a head support, position it so the bottom is about even with their jaw as this will offer the most protection.