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Innovation is in our DNA

Innovation is in our DNA

Our story began in 1999 with a simple solution to tighten seat belts known as Mighty-Tite. We’ve grown up since then, which has only brought all the best bits of getting older; experience, knowledge, and new ideas. We traveled to new places (54 countries, to be exact), welcomed new faces, and never stopped innovating.

Diono’s first-ever first.

Having succeeded with small solutions, we set our sights on something bigger. Taking our knowledge of car seat safety and parent-minded problem solving, combined with our love of life on the, go we engineered and manufactured the first folding steel-framed car seat, Radian. The Diono steel frame is still to this day the core of all Diono car seats, providing the safety you can feel that’s totally worth the weight.

Famous for being the original 3-across car seat, alongside its longevity, Radian® has since become a household name, with the latest editions arriving this year to celebrate our newest innovations in safety and comfort. Since its initial release, we’ve developed enhanced features including extended rear-facing, additional side impact protection, and advanced newborn comfort and protection.

Between then and now we continued to reinvent our standards, never settling for anything less than as safe as we could be for your family. The success of Radian inspired our team to create an all-new generation of booster seat. With that passion and two years of drafting, designing, and engineering, Monterey was born; the first booster to adjust in height and width allowing it to grow with a passenger. Since then the Monterey family has grown into a multi-award-winning collection. The latest addition, Monterey 5iST FixSafe, won the prestigious RedDot 2022 Award, iF Design Award 2021, and The Bump Best of Baby Award.

Zero compromise

We don’t stop at safety, although it’s our priority. We’d be lying if we didn’t say we’re all big kids really, so as much as we create parent-minded solutions to make life easier, we always think of the younger diono family members too. Using colors that inspire their imaginations and promoting their independence when traveling we want your children to feel content and comfortable in their car seats. As they grow, or your journeys go further, our range of accessories means they can travel with all their favorite toys and entertainment while keeping them organized in one place. Happy passenger, happy parent.


Our #joyofthejourney might begin in the car but it doesn’t end at the destination. We take inspiration from everything that surrounds us and we’re passionate about sharing our experiences with our family. Our range of baby carriers are ingeniously designed to provide exceptional comfort, with additional smart features such as the Carus Complete detachable baby pod, making it the first baby carrier of its kind. a world full of big adventures, see them all together and create your own #JoyofTheJourney because it’s not just about getting there, but being there.

People with passion

When we say innovation is in our DNA, we mean quite literally. Our small team of designers, marketers, and engineers have been in the industry for upwards of 100 years between them, which isn’t bad considering we as a brand only recently celebrated our 20th anniversary. It’s all those years that matter because with them our team has seen the changes, trends, opportunities, successes, and failures of the children’s industry and with each and everyone used it to learn, grow and adapt. “We’re inventors, we’re engineers and we’re parents”, says CEO Tim Maule. We know parenting, and we know that as parents we’re always looking for solutions. That’s why we carry on, “it’s about those clever little ideas that just make life easier”.


If you’d like to know more about diono and our #joyofthejourney we recommend taking a look at our 2020 catalog.