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Must-Have Travel Accessories for Every Family Journey

Must-Have Travel Accessories for Every Family Journey

Car Seats
#JoyOfTheJourney isn’t just about being there but getting there too. Diono have been creating travel accessories since we started, so we know a thing or two about what families need for a smoother ride. Here’s a round-up of our favorites!

Diono was founded on smart ideas way back in 1999 when we designed a clever little invention called Mighty Tite. Our passion for helping parents and caregivers has never stopped, so we’ve never stopped looking for new ways to invent products to give you a helping hand. In this issue of Diono Journal we’re sharing a selection of our favorite travel accessories to make sure you take #JoyOfTheJourney with you, wherever you go.

On the road

Ultra Mat® Car Seat Protector

Doubling up as a car seat and vehicle seat protector, Ultra Mat® was cleverly designed to secure car seats to your vehicle while protecting upholstery from dents, scrapes and scratches. With Pentalock technology, 5-layers of high strength, durable materials, Ultra Mat® is water resistant and easy to clean. No car seat? No problem! Ultra Mat® is universally compatible for use as a seat protector, keeping your back seats free from damage by muddy paws, feet or clothing.

*Also available in a great value 2-pack and XXXL size

Travel Pal Car Seat Organizer

Very Important Passengers need to bring their favorites for the ride, whether that be crayons, toys or snacks (or one of everything). And who are we to tell them no? Travel Pal is roomy enough for them to bring along plenty, and keep it stored neatly (amen to that) with 9 multi-use pockets including 2 insulated drink holders. Waterproof and easily wiped clean, Travel Pal is easily secured to the back seat using the belt pack to avoid movement and spillages.

*Also available in XL size for busy back seats.

Stow ‘n Go XL

Quiet and content back seat passengers do exist. No, honestly, they do. As long as you keep them entertained that is... With 10 utility pockets and an integrated tablet holder, keeping your VIP entertained (and quiet) the backseat is easily achieved. At 35% bigger than the original Stow ‘n Go, this extra-large edition is perfect for larger vehicles and SUVs, meaning they can keep everything they need close-by, and you can keep everything organised, neat and tidy.

At the location

Harness Soft Wraps & Toy

Ease your little explorer into the big world with a cute travel companion to keep them occupied. Inspired by our favourite Tacoma Forest characters, Harness Soft Wraps & Toy feature a multi-sensory toy to capture your baby’s big imagination and provide entertainment on-the-go, while the harness soft wraps are a great solution to prevent strap irritation. Complete with C-ring to help relieve teething pain.

*Available in Fox, Bear, Owl and Raccoon in the Diono Baby range.

Sure Step Safety Rein & Backpack

“Oh man, I used to try and run free all the time when I was a child! Keeping little ones safe in the big world is stressful, especially when they have a taste for adventure” says Sam, our very own Diono Mom.

Well moms, we’ve got the answer! Sure Steps Safety Rein & Backpack is the perfect way to let your little one find their big feet and gain their independence, all while you keep them close. Choose from one of four backpack designs and let them pack up their essentials for the trip.

*Available in Fox, Bear, Owl and Raccoon in the Diono Baby range.

Buggy Buddy XL

Is it just us, or does your purse suddenly get forgotten about when you become a parent? We swap perfume for baby lotion, gum for pacifiers, make-up bags for diaper bags... Next thing you know your favourite weekend purse is basically a baby bag!

Enter, Buggy Buddy XL. Designed with plenty of room for essentials (for mom and baby), Buggy Buddy XL is easily attached to your stroller with hook and loop fastening and can also be worn independently using the carry strap. Featuring 4 drinks holders and 2 large zippered compartments.