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SafePlus™ Engineering: The next generation in Diono safety standards

SafePlus™ Engineering: The next generation in Diono safety standards

Car Seats
SafePlus™ engineering is exclusive to the all-new radian Q series - here’s just some of the great features you get with the most advanced radian ever.
As we move forward, our mission continues to always go above and beyond to deliver products that serve and protect.

We’ve been in the child passenger safety business for 20 years, but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever settle for anything less than as safe as we can possibly be. As time goes on and things around us change, our expectations of what it means to be safe become different and we look for ways to improve.

As our 20th Anniversary approached we got to thinking, “how can I be bigger, better, stronger?”. Our team of experts took to the drawing board, shared ideas, and launched SafePlus™ engineering, not just for ourselves to feel better about being older but for you, our diono family, to trust that we’re always innovating to perform at our best.

What’s SafePlus™ engineering all about?

SafePlus™ engineering is exclusive to the all-new radian® Q series and here are just some of the great features you get with the most advanced radian® ever.

SafePlus™ steel anti-rebound bar

If you know diono, you know we always recommend keeping your child rear-facing for as long as possible. Our SafePlus™ anti-rebound bar is made of steel, just like the famous radian core, for optimum protection reducing rebound rotation by up to 50%. With easy one-click installation to the seat base, the anti-rebound bar not only increases safety but also provides more legroom for your child is traveling rear-facing.

SafePlus™ Headrest

Safety from head to toe, our all-new 12 position headrest has been engineered with the latest European Side Impact Technology to improve child head containment in the event of any collision. Alongside 12 positions, the SafePlus™ headrest has an increase of 22% occupancy in comparison to the Radian® R Series.

SafePlus™ Newborn Protection

Although all of our 2020 all-in-one convertible range is suitable from birth Q Series SafePlus™ engineering provides additional protection and support for the smallest passengers. Both the radian® 3QX and radian® 3QXT are complete with a newborn high travel wedge to promote the perfect lie-flat position while reducing head slump and keeping airways open. Both models also come with 2-in-1 infant positioning liner to give extra infant comfort and support and simply removes as baby grows. Available exclusively to radian® 3QXT are SafePlus™ newborn protection insert and newborn harness pads.

SafePlus™ Testing

We introduced our most rigorous combination of crash testing to date, including side-impact and rollover testing to ensure the seat can withstand force from each angle while still providing protection. Rear impact testing and use of twice the recommended force required by US FMVSS 213 are both exclusive to the radian® 3QXT.

With huge savings now available until 21st September, don’t miss your chance to own our safest car seat yet. Follow the links below to shop the advanced radian® Q Series!