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Stroller Safety & Buying Guide – How to keep your baby safe and comfortable

Stroller Safety & Buying Guide – How to keep your baby safe and comfortable

Offering a great way to explore together, strollers are a common step in the parenting journey. But what type is best for your baby? Here’s what you need to know!

For most families, the parenting journey begins way before their baby even arrives; the babyproofing, the baby registry, the baby-know-hows. There sure is a lot to think about but at Diono, we’ve learned a few things throughout our journey so far and we’re always happy to share top tips that can help you along your own. In this issue of Diono Journal we’re all about safe strolling for your baby.

You can almost think of your stroller as your baby’s first car; it’s what they will travel around in and needs to be easy to steer, comfortable, safe and you’ll of course need somewhere to store it.

Things to consider – Types of strollers

There’s a wide range of different strollers out there but for new-borns and infants you’ll need to look for a full-sized or convertible stroller with a reclining seat. Having a seat that reclines is necessary as it will allow your baby to breathe properly when laying down as they can’t sit up or hold their own head up yet. You may even find strollers that fully recline into a lie-flat position, like the Diono Excurze.

Another common option is a travel system, which consists of an infant car seat and a stroller. They are often sold together as a matching set, but you can also purchase them individually. Just make sure your stroller is travel system ready and has adapters that will fit your infant car seat. Travel systems allow you to easily transfer your baby from the car to the stroller and continue your journey without interrupting their naps or comfort. Keep in mind that experts advise against the use of infant car seats as a sleeping device when not in use for travel.

Note that it is uncommon for umbrella and jogging strollers to be suitable for new-born babies, with the latter usually being unsuitable until around 6 months and not recommended for use until your child is 1 year old.

Things to consider – extras and features

If you’re planning to use your stroller frequently while running errands, shopping, or socializing with friends then you’ll want to look out for something durable and easy to navigate through crowds. You may also want to look for storage baskets, adjustable handlebar positions and large sun-shielding canopies, all of which are commonly found with full-sized strollers.

Hit the brakes! Stroller braking devices are a key element to consider as you don’t want to find yourself having difficulty hitting the brakes at any sudden moment. Another useful feature to look for is a secure tether strap, which provide additional security when pushing.

This way, that way! Some strollers, like the Diono Excurze, are designed with a reversible seat to offer two seating positions: parent-facing, and world-facing, with the latter being a great benefit as your child gets older and able to engage with their surroundings.

Not today, store it away. If you’re short on storage space at home the last thing you want is a big, bulky stroller in your way. When considering your stroller check out the folding design and whether it’s compact enough to store away neatly.

Common mistakes to avoid for safe strolling.

Using a blanket or cloth to shade the stroller from heat during summer reduces air circulation and increases the heat beneath it, often resulting in unbearable and dangerous conditions. Instead, look for a stroller sunshade or strollers with adjustable canopies.

Forgetting to use the brakes on your stroller when it’s not in use is like forgetting to use the handbrake when you park the car. When you’re “parking” your stroller, whether to pay at the checkout or answer your cell phone, try to get into the habit of setting the brakes so your stroller doesn’t roll away from you.

Even if you’re only strolling a short distance, remember to buckle the harness around your kiddo to keep them safely in the seat and protected from any unexpected bumps along the way.

Although your stroller may have a storage basket for essentials, it should not be used as a shopping cart for storing bags full of groceries. Don’t hang your purse or backpack over the handle either. Your stroller is not designed for loading with heavy items and can very easily topple over if it’s overloaded. Be sure to check the instructions too, as they will detail the maximum weight for any storage baskets.