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Travelling with kids, what’s it all about?

Travelling with kids, what’s it all about?

“Are we there yet?” We surveyed 2,000 parents to learn the trials and tribulations of travelling with children

As we began research to support the launch of the industry’s first car seat subscription program, Lifetime Journey Care, Diono and OnePoll surveyed 2,000 parents of children aged 0-10 to understand families to learn more about family travel. While we love to embrace #JoyOfTheJourney we know that sometimes, we’re going to have to anticipate a few twists and turns along the way. But just what are the challenges? And more importantly, what do families love the most about travelling together? Let’s breakdown some of the key findings.

Despite becoming overwhelmed at around the five-hour mark of the journey, almost a quarter (24%) of respondents prefer traveling via car than flying. While we don’t know the exact reason, this could be because 72% of parents pack at least one bag or suitcase for their child. We all know that navigating all those bags, plus children, and the airport itself can be tricky.

We found that 69% of parents said their children kept the vacation fun, with 7 in 10 taking their child on every vacation, and 72% looking forward to bonding with their kids without any distractions. That sure sounds like the #JoyOfTheJourney we know and love!

Family past-times and road trip best bits were also shared by those who completed the survey, including singing in the car together (hands up if you have a dedicated family playlist), heading cross-country, and the excitement their kid shows when they see something new. We’d love to hear about your favourite road trip past times. Submit your #JoyOfTheJourney Story here.

One of the biggest challenges parents face when traveling with children is dealing with the mess on the go (59%) and, in particular, bathroom accidents (41%). The survey also found that even though parents prepare beforehand, 71% still find themselves needing to purchase additional essential items when they have arrived at their destination, such as diapers, after almost running out during the trip.

Some of top travel hacks parents revealed include traveling at night, having travel trays on hand, or making frequent pit stops. Toys (38%), snacks (38%) and playing car games (35%) were also found to be popular for road trips.

“Whether it’s singing car karaoke or spending some quality time with a tablet, kids and parents are finding the joy of the journey together,” said Tim Maule, Diono CEO. “Car seats that grow with your child are both safe and fun, to help kids get excited for the road ahead.”